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Stephen D. McCullers, P.E.
660 South Cobb Dr
Marietta, GA 30060
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Cobb County Watershed Stewardship Program
662 South Cobb Drive
Marietta, Georgia 30060
(770) 528-1482
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Community Partners for Healthy Streams (CPHS) is a voluntary cooperative effort between the Cobb County Water System and the local business community. The goal of the program is to promote business practices that help protect local rivers and streams. We hope you'll join with the Cobb County Water System and other area businesses and institutions by participating in the CPHS program. Click on the link below to view the handbooks describing specific practices businesses can employ to protect water quality:

  1. Housekeeping Practices
  2. Engineered Stormwater Controls
  3. Maintaining Equipment and Vehicles
  4. Maintaining Buildings and Pavement
  5. Maintaining Landscapes
  6. Site Design and Construction
  7. Managing Wastes
  8. Education

Assessment and action planning requires participants to assess their current practices and identify any specific actions needed to prevent pollution and improve water quality stewardship.

To participate in the program, fill out the checklist in the back of each handbook. Send the checklists to the Cobb County Water System, Watershed Education Unit and our staff will work with you to become a community partner. In return for your effort, we'll publicly acknowledge your business through press releases, displays and speaking engagements. We'll also encourage consumers to look for the Community Partners logo at your business when they select services. To discuss the details of the program, contact the Cobb County Water System - Watershed Education Unit at 770.528.5218.